April classes are on sale now! Starting the week of April 11th. Come Blacksmith or build a custom knife in the following classes:

Blacksmithing 101- Beginning Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing 102- Advanced Blacksmithing (must complete Blacksmithing 101 prior) 

Knife Building- Customize and handle a knife. No blacksmithing involved.

Classes are expected to fill up fast. Please stop by or call the forge, at (503)477-7498, with any questions. Hope to see you soon!


From Oaks Bottom Forge, famed for its expertly hand-crafted knives, this carving knife is the work of a single master cutler whose craft begins with shaping the handle and concludes with fitting the blade. Handles are available in your choice of wood. This showpiece makes an impressive presentation for carving meats at the table. Find the French Carving Knives we have in stock at the link below.


Don't miss the amazing production of Remme's Run. Don't miss the opportunity to win Ninfa's knife that she uses on stage. Sign up for the raffle to win. 


Oaks Bottom Forge is proud to provide the throwing knives as props on stage for Coho Theater's production of Remme's Run directed by Jamie Rea. The show runs from October 16th-November 7 at 2257 NW Raleigh St in NW Portland.

YOU CAN WIN THE KNIVES!! Follow the link below and make a donation of one dollar or more to Coho Theater and you will be entered to win the knife.



Create a fine silver pair of earrings for yourself or as a gift. In this three hour class, you will use silver clay to create one pair of fine silver earrings using textures and stamps to add to the design and finish with a hand-held torch and hand-finishing tools. Cost of the class is $85 with a $30 materials fee. Sign up on our website or call 503.477.7498.


We are happy to introduce our new Bird and Trout knife. 

We are unveiling our first eight Bird and Trout knives hot out of the forge.

Call us to order!! Get 'em while you can!! 

B11d-02 Redwood Handle $480

B11d-03 Spalted Maple (Sold)

B11d-04 Spalted Maple Handle $480

B11d-05 Walnut Handle $480

B11d-06 Cherry Handle with Blue Liner and Lanyard $480

B11d-07 Myrtle Handle with Lanyard $480

B11d-08 Fiddled Maple Handle with Blue Liner $480

Cameron attended the Portland Waldorf School and began blacksmithing in the required blacksmithing class. It inspired him so much, he took it a second year and then upon graduating from high school became a blacksmith at Oaks Bottom Forge. He has been a blacksmith for 5 years now and has worked his way up to Lead Blacksmith. He loves the old tradition of blacksmithing as a way to experiment with a functional art form and loves creating beautiful objects that people can enjoy everyday. He feels that what is special about OBF knives are the simplicity of design but very distinct look. In his free time he loves walking about, drawing, and watching cult classic films, like Pulp Fiction.

Caping Knife with a Jigged Water Buffalo Horn Handle

This knife is a great everyday carry that is not only a taxidermists dream but will be all the knife you need for camping and fishing.


Crowstomp has been a craftsman his whole life, taking things apart and putting them back together. He is from Arizona but calls Portland his home. For fun he plays Ultimate Frisbee with the local group, Lawn Chair. He enjoys the outdoors, especially hiking and camping. He has a degree in Religious Studies and Poetry from the University of Arizona and enjoys writing poetry. He has been a blacksmith at Oaks Bottom Forge for 3 years and specializes in making the custom handles. What he thinks is special about Oaks Bottom Forge is the amount of detail that goes into each blade and loves that the forge perpetuates the age-old tradition of hand-held hammer forging.

A Caping Knife is generally used in caping animals for mounting. When preparing a trophy for the taxidermist, it is important that the hide is preserved for a neck or shoulder mount. Some beautiful trophy animals have been ruined by hunters using the wrong knife to prepare the animal. Our Caping knives are dedicated to this task. They are relatively small knives with very fine blades. This caping knife has a handle made out of California Buckeye with Turquoise inlay. All of our knives have a hand-forged blade made out of 01 high carbon steel.