Giraffe Bone Marrow              Kirinite                                  Jigged Buffalo Horn

$585                                       $425                                      $485

Kevin began his career as a wood-worker, becoming a blacksmith to facilitate his wood-working. He enjoys making furniture and tools and carving wood. He loves working at Oaks Bottom Forge because he is proud to make tools for craftsmen and laymen alike that in turn make them proud to use such quality, yet practical and functional tools. He believes that what makes these knives special is the intention that goes into each and every knife to be the highest quality knife that will be used and loved by generations. He also teaches the Chainmail class at Oaks Bottom Forge which he learned to do as a child in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Besides working at the Forge, he loves to play banjo in the Irish and American Folk tradition and you can often find him playing at the Highland Still House in Portland and at Irish Town in Vancouver WA.

Horse head bottle opener made out of a recycled horseshoe.

Metal is cool. It’s really, really cool– ask anyone who has taken our Blacksmithing class here at the forge. If you can imagine it, you can create it with enough heat and enough hammering.

We’re primarily knife makers, but we’ve been exploring other avenues of creativity recently. Sconces, sword hooks, pot racks.  And it occurred to us recently that despite our love for local beers (lookin’ at you, Gigantic Brewing!), a knife is not the optimal tool for opening them. So we made some bottle openers for ourselves, and they turned out so great, we thought we’d share them. Enjoy!




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Our Stamp on Every Knife

June 09, 2015

You may have noticed that each of our blades are stamped with an anvil and the letters “OBF”. We do everything here by hand, and stamping our logo is no exception. We stamp them individually with a fly press because we want you to be able to identify them easily as Oaks Bottom Forge knives.


Each blade is heated up in our charcoal burning forge until it’s glowing and placed on our fly press. A fly press is a press that operates on inertia. The flywheel is attached to a screw that moves a ram up and down. When the stamp on the ram contacts the knife blade, pressure is applied through the force of the flywheel stopping. It creates an amazing amount of force with only a fraction of the effort on the end of its operator. Because it is so accurate and so strong, it results in a nice, crisp stamp on each blade. 



Our stamp kind of blends into the texture of the blade (the hammer marks we leave in). Because we do them by hand, just like the rest of the knife, each stamp is just a little bit unique. We hope that when you see yours, you are reminded of the power that went into creating your knife, and the hours spent crafting it!