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Hand-forged knives crafted in PDX

"I want every knife we make to become an heirloom." - Pat Wojciechowski

Pat’s career in art spans almost 30 years. After graduating from Ringling School of Art, he began a long and varied career in graphic design and endeavors in all areas of art. His knife making career began in an Adult Blacksmithing class taught by Master Carpenter and Blacksmith Tom Myers. Here, Pat discovered a love for the old world craft of moving metal, as well as a calling in the Hand Forged Knife business.


Pat started Oaks Bottom Knives out of a deep desire to create art that is both beautiful and functional. He takes the extra time to do a quality fit and hand finish because “that’s what great knives are all about”. Quality and care is a recipe that works. The response was so great to this one-man-operation, that just three years after starting his company, Pat could not keep up with the demand for his knives. And so Oaks Bottom Forge was born.


After many conversations with his nephew Mason, Pat’s vision for Oaks Bottom Forge expanded from a craft knife facility to an effort determined to involve the whole community in his passion. He put together a team full of creative, inspired, and talented artisans to create Oaks Bottom Forge. Each member of the team is not only committed to the quality of the knives that they produce, but also to the community in which they serve. Education and skill sharing is something that has deep roots in caring and involved communities. These values live in the hearts of each member of the Oaks Bottom Forge Family, not just as a goal but as a way of life.


Oaks Bottom Forge has become a cornerstone of the community; offering workshops, providing a quality product, and breathing life into an art that is as powerful as it is beautiful.


All photos in opening movie by Mark Gamba. Product shots by Jeff G.