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Q: What are your knives made of?

A: 01 High Carbon Tool Steel. This is a traditional high carbon machine steel meant for tools. It holds a sharp edge. Made for making edge tools and turning tools. Durability and edge holding ability, and toughness.

Q: What makes an Oaks Bottom Forge Knife an heirloom?

A: Unlike mass produced knives, our knives are designed, hammered, and finished by individual artisans. This makes each knife unique and special. The quality work and materials are integral to our process, making our knives not only beautiful, but durable enough to last through generations.

Q: Do you have a newsletter?

A: Yes! To be added to our email list, enter your email in the field at the bottom left of our website.

Q: Where can I see your knives in person?

A: Come to the shop and meet us; you can observe the process used to create our knives. You can also see us at regional craft shows throughout the year.

Q: Where do you get the wood for your handles?

A: Each piece of wood is hand selected for it’s grain and coloration. Most of it is reclaimed and native to the Pacific Northwest!

Q: I want to learn how to blacksmith, what do I do?

A: We offer a beginning blacksmithing class every seven weeks. You’ll create a basic wall hook, and then your first chisel knife! Please see the Class section of our website for dates this session!

Q: I saw a knife I like on your site, but I want a different handle. Can I order it?

A: Our knives are fully customizable! If you see something you like on the website, we can make one for you with whatever handle and you’d like. Have a piece of wood that came from your great grandfather’s barn? We’ll put it on a knife for you.